In July this year, Penny Engineering worked with Yorkshire Soap to install a 250KG Mezz Lift to support their operations.

Yorkshire Soap, a vastly expanding soap company, reached out to Penny Engineering in 2020, enquiring about installing a Mezz Lift in their factory. Founded in 2004, Yorkshire Soap now has 8 shops across Yorkshire. Due to a rise in online sales during the Covid19 pandemic, owners Marcus and Warren took the opportunity to expand their factory and invest in a Mezz Lift.

When asked how Marcus first came across Penny Engineering, he explained: “I simply Google searched local hydraulic lifting companies and Penny Engineering appeared.”

“I liked the company’s genuine online presence and was impressed by what I heard over the phone whilst talking to the Sales department.”

Growing Yorkshire Company Reflects on Relationship with Penny Engineering – Penny Engineering Ltd
Growing Yorkshire Company Reflects on Relationship with Penny Engineering – Penny Engineering Ltd

Penny Engineering met with Marcus to discuss the fitting of a Mezz Lift. Martin Ayre, Goods Lift Area Sales Manager, completed a site survey which concluded how tight the access space was between the stairs and the wall. After discussion, the platform size was reduced and the footprint of the lift altered to make it as compact as possible to avoid blocking the walkway. Speaking on the overall customer experience, Marcus enthused: “I was very happy with the service. The experience was ‘human’, something that seemed to be lacking physically throughout the pandemic. Penny Engineering really proved they still valued a personal experience”.

Having had the Mezz Lift installed for approximately 4 months now, Penny Engineering were keen to see how the lift had impacted Yorkshire Soap. Marcus described: “The lift has changed how we manufacture our products. It’s allowed us to be more efficient, whilst reducing manual labour and decreasing the risk of workplace accidents. It’s allowed us to be less impulsive, and ensure we are efficient with the product creation process.”

Yorkshire Soap hopes to continue their working relationship with Penny Engineering as they look at doubling the portfolio of shops on the high street. After a fantastic bumper year, Yorkshire Soap express how important it is to keep the high street busy for both locals and tourists. Marcus stated, “Yorkshire Soap share the motive of wanting to keep the high street alive.”

“Our customers aren’t just walking into a shop; they’re walking into an experience.”

Having seen the Mezz Lift in everyday action, Marcus was asked if he would recommend Penny Engineering to other businesses. Marcus enthused: “100%! I’d recommend you in any industry.”

“We’ve had fantastic aftercare service. The engineer who has worked with us has been excellent.”

“Penny Engineering might be a big company, but you have small business ethics.”

Penny Engineering look forward to continuing to work with Yorkshire Soap and are eager to watch their continuing success.

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