What Is The Confor Woodland Show?

A paramount platform for knowledge exchange and industry progression, this exhibition is an opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, share insights, and foster meaningful partnerships with individuals who share our commitment to furthering sustainable and efficient forestry operations.

As the world increasingly recognises the importance of sustainable practices, the forestry industry plays a crucial role in promoting environmental conservation and responsible resource management. With an ever-growing demand for efficient and eco-friendly forestry solutions, the Confor Woodland Show 2023 serves as an ideal platform for innovative companies to showcase their products and services.

Penny Engineering at The Confor Woodland Show 2023 – Penny Engineering
Penny Engineering at The Confor Woodland Show 2023 – Penny Engineering

What To Expect At The Confor Woodland Show

Free to attend for those with a valid Confor Membership Card, the Confor Woodland Show presents an exciting opportunity for forestry enthusiasts and industry experts to witness the latest advancements in sustainable forest management and environmental practices.

Some exhibitors you can expect to see include:

  • Forestry machinery and equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Forest advisory and management services
  • Nurseries and forest product makers
  • Conservation and wildlife bodies
  • Wood heating systems suppliers
  • Woodland craft workers

Penny Engineering Cranes and The Confor Woodland Show 2023

Penny Engineering are excited to participate in this year’s show with our very own demonstration pitch; highlighting the capabilities of our series of lightweight Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment and Trailer Cranes for transporting goods such as logs and firewood for the logging industry.

Available in both electric and hydraulic configurations, our Trailer Cranes are excellent for industrial logging applications:

  • Hydraulic Cranes and Hydraulic Trailer CranesOur Hydraulics Cranes and Hydraulic Trailer Cranes  are capable of lifting between 200kg to 3000kg depending upon your model of choice. With stabilisers and ballasts included in your quote as standard, and packages including both trailer and crane available, our Hydraulic Trailer Cranes offer both excellent value and lifting capability. Much like our Electric SwingLift, our Hydraulic Crane is an ideal choice for logging industry applications, but is more suitable for heavy-duty lifting due to their high lifting capacities.
    Hydraulic Trailer Cranes | Hydraulic PH cranes
  • Penny Engineering Electric SwingLift Trailer CranesWith a maximum working load of up to 500kgs, our compact and lightweight Electric SwingLift Trailer Cranes offer generous lifting capabilities, and make light work of lifting logs, firewood, and other materials pertinent to the logging industry. With configurations available to make our Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment demountable, and our lightest crane starting from just 20kg, our Electric SwingLift is an ideal choice for those requiring a lightweight, compact, and manoeuvrable solution.
    Electric SwingLift Trailer Cranes
Driving Change: Penny Engineering, Working Towards Sustainable Manufacturing, and Corporate Responsibility – Penny Engineering
Penny Engineering at The Confor Woodland Show 2023 – Penny Engineering

Benefits of Penny Engineering Cranes For Logging Industry Applications

Vehicle-mounted lifting equipment can provide numerous benefits for the logging industry, making the process of logging safer and more efficient. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Versatility in different terrains and locations
  • Reduced labour requirements and costs
  • Enhanced safety during log handling
  • Lower operational costs long term
  • Reduced environmental impact and emissions
  • Greater control and precision in loading/unloading
  • Flexibility to handle logs of various sizes
  • Compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

Why Choose a Penny Engineering Crane?

As a family business with a keen commitment to maintaining our core principles of social, environmental, and economic sustainability, we believe in creating solutions that are manufactured responsibly and designed to be maintained, not replaced. Some reasons why you should trust Penny Engineering for your crane solutions include:

Visit Penny Engineering at the Confor Woodland Exhibition 2023

Taking place over two days from the 21st – 22nd of September 2023 at the Bath & West Showground, the Confor Woodland Show is a must-visit for those committed to sustainable practices in the logging industry. Free to attend for those with a valid Confor Membership Card, forestry professionals and experts in the logging industry are encouraged to visit this event of the year.

Get your tickets today, and see how Penny Engineering are pathing the way for sustainable practices.

Investing in Safety for the Future | Canal & River Trust – Penny Engineering

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