It is the declared policy of Penny Engineering Limited to provide products and services that fully and consistently meet the agreed requirements of its customers and comply with current regulatory legislation.  In carrying out its business Penny Engineering Limited will take into account the needs and expectations of its many stakeholders and assess the risks surrounding every job so as not to jeopardise the business interest or safety of persons or property whilst also minimising the impact on the environment.

To demonstrate to all interested parties including customers and employees the Company’s commitment to the environment, it is the policy of Penny Engineering Limited to achieve and maintain registration with The British Standards Institute (BSI) to BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

In particular, we undertake programmes associated with:

  • Energy savings and raw material use
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution
  • Confirm with its compliance Obligations

The environmental policy of Penny Engineering Limited is implemented through the operation of the Environmental Management System (EMS). The requirements of this system are mandatory for all company personnel and no unauthorised alterations or deviations are permitted.

To maintain the required level of assurance all members of the Board and top management retain responsibility for the EMS – and are to lead-by-example.

Achieving this policy relies on the efforts of all personnel. Each individual is responsible for the quality of their work and the continued improvement of the working environment for all.

Being proactive and cautious we can predict and eliminate risk from our operations, creating a safe environment for both ourselves, our customers and other stakeholders.

Robin Penny

Managing Director

This policy shall be issued to and understood by all personnel at Penny Engineering Limited across all levels of operation.