KJ250/1 SwingLift Crane Pickup Type 24V (Combi Pillar) - Penny Engineering Ltd

KJ250/1 SwingLift Crane Pickup Type 12V (Combi Pillar)

Product Code: KJ250/1 P 12V

£2,273.77 + VAT

The KJ250/1 is a 250kg capacity knuckle-joint crane. The unique Penny Engineering design allows users to maximise reach but still load down the centre line of the load area of the van. It is ideal for handling general items of plant anywhere within a two-metre diameter.

Supply only, contact us for information on installation.


  • Lifts up to 250kg
  • Ideal for general items of plant such as whacker plates and generators
  • 1 metre boom plus 2 pivot points means operator can carry out lifts within a 2 metre diameter
  • Overload device ? will not lift more than MWL
  • Low crane weight of approximately 28kg
  • Pillar ? Dependant on vehicle (average 35kg)
  • Compact design maximising vehicle floor space
  • Fully demountable ? can be deployed on other vehicles or removed altogether therefore maintaining maximum fleet flexibility
  • Can be re-fitted to new or replacement vehicles
  • Easy to operate with wander lead control

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