The key to getting the best out of your equipment is having knowledgeable operators. We have comprehensive Operation and Service Manuals that are supplied with the equipment or can be downloaded.  Some people will learn more from our range of videos and we can give direct product familiarisation at your premises if necessary.  Please note that there may be a charge for this.

Full training packages that include theory and practice are available through our professional training partners of Mentor Training or ALLMI (The Association of Lorry Loaders, Manufacturers and Importers), who have an extensive understanding of our products and full training programmes linked to them that can be delivered by their dedicated training teams.

Whatever your training needs are please get in touch and we will make sure that they are met.

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ALLMI Members

ALLMI is the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers & Importers. It is the UK’s only Trade Association exclusively dedicated to companies involved in the manufacture, importation, servicing, testing, and use of lorry loaders.

As long-standing ALLMI members, Penny Engineering strives to promote best practices within the lorry loader industry.

For those in the industry, we recommend ALLMI training because it is fully compliant with the British Standard for lorry loaders, is unequaled and comprehensive, plus is the only accrediting body to specialise in lorry loader training.

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