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Birkenhead Car and Van Hire & Arfon Engineering Services

Birkenhead Car and Van Hire’s Crane Refit & Relocation

With over four decades of experience, we have earned a reputation as a leader in our industry, providing manual handling solutions to clients worldwide. Our commitment to in-house manufacturing, comprehensive After Sales Support, and adaptability have allowed us to serve a diverse range of industries, from Goods Lifts to Solid Tyre Presses, and our commitment to fair practices and sustainable values is at the forefront of all we do.

Our recent collaboration with Birkenhead Car and Van Hire and Arfon Engineering Services involved removing a PH150 crane from an old pick-up and refitting it to a new one. Our crane refit services are one of the many practices that exemplify Penny Engineering’ commitment to giving the best advice and working towards a more sustainable future.

The Challenge

Birkenhead Car and Van Hire, a trusted name in the self-drive vehicle hire industry for over 40 years, serves the entire northwest region of the UK. They offer a wide range of vehicles, including cars and light commercial vehicles, some equipped with specialised features like tail-lifts and cranes. Arfon Engineering Services, a valued customer of Birkenhead Car and Van Hire, specialises in motor rewinds and pump servicing; efficiently loading and unloading heavy motors onto their vehicles is vital to their operation.

When Birkenhead Car and Van Hire needed to update their fleet, they had to choose between purchasing a new crane or seeing if it was possible to relocate the existing one. Confidence in the reliability of the transferred crane over the next 5 years was paramount for both Birkenhead Car and Van Hire and Arfon Engineering Services. Their existing crane was supplied, installed and serviced by Penny Engineering previously, so we already had a firm understanding of its history and duty cycle. This meant that we were able to advise on the suitability of the crane to work reliably for the life of the new vehicle, as well as the crane refit process.

Our Crane Refit Solution

Having worked with Arfon Engineering Services since 2009, Penny Engineering has already established a strong relationship and trust with the client. Trust is important when undertaking a refit operation, as there are unknowns that may be discovered as parts are stripped and re-built and a quick decision may be required as to how to proceed. Our PH150 hydraulic crane, renowned for its lifting capacity of up to 990kg and reach of up to 5 meters, was the ideal solution for Arfon with no upgrades needed during the process. We provided a seamless transition utilising a new sub-frame to the new vehicle plus a major service followed by recommissioning.

Every crane application and installation is different and has to be assessed carefully for suitability for being removed and refitted. Penny Engineering’ advice led to the successful relocation of the PH150 crane and delivered significant benefits to our clients. Our solution saved over 50% of the cost of purchasing a new crane, demonstrating the value of repurposing existing equipment, and reducing their carbon footprint by approximately 75%; aligning with our sustainability goals.

Saving Money and Carbon Emissions – Penny Engineering’ Crane Refit With Birkenhead Car and Van Hire & Arfon Engineering Services – Penny Engineering

Future Plans

Arfon Engineering Services and Birkenhead Car and Van Hire are pleased with the reliability and cost-effectiveness of our solution. They plan to continue using Penny Engineering’ products and services to provide excellent service to their customers; this crane refit project exemplifies our commitment to delivering long-term value and sustainability to our clients.

Andy Martin, representing Arfon Engineering Services, expressed his satisfaction, stating: “Investing in a vehicle-mounted crane is a significant purchase but if it is well looked after there is no reason why it cannot be kept in great working order for many years.” 

Pioneering Sustainable Crane Solutions

Penny Engineering’ successful collaboration with Birkenhead Car and Van Hire and Arfon Engineering Services demonstrates our commitment to delivering efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable crane solutions. We are proud to play a part in helping our clients work smarter and reach new heights in their respective industries while contributing to a greener future.

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