Ensure Safety: Protecting Workers

Safety is paramount in any work environment, and waste management centres are no exception. Manual handling of heavy loads can lead to accidents and injuries. Lifting equipment mitigates these risks by taking on the heavy lifting. They can also remove the requirement to work at height by allowing high-level assets to be lowered to ground floor level.

Unlocking Efficiency and Safety: The Power of Lifting Equipment in Recycle and Waste Management Centres – Penny Engineering

Maximise Efficiency: Lifting the Heavy Load

Lifting equipment in recycling and waste management centres streamlines operations by lifting heavy loads with ease. From bales of recyclables to industrial containers filled with waste, these machines are the backbone of material handling. Their ability to lift and transport substantial loads significantly reduces manual labour and accelerates the recycling process.

Reduce Operating Costs: Enhanced Durability

Investing in high-quality lifting equipment pays off in the long run. These machines are built to withstand the rigours of waste management operations. With regular maintenance, they can provide years of reliable service, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Boost Sustainability: Resource Recovery & Reduced Emissions

Recycle centres play a pivotal role in resource recovery. Lifting equipment ensures that materials are handled efficiently, maximising the amount that can be reclaimed and reused. This contributes to reducing the need for raw materials, conserving natural resources, and lowering the overall environmental footprint.

By reducing manual labour and optimising processes, lifting equipment also contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Fewer manual tasks mean less reliance on fossil fuels, making waste management operations more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Penny Engineering solutions within the Recycle and Waste Management sector

North London Heat and Power Project

North London Heat and Power have created one of the most advanced Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) in the world. The new EcoPark will turn non-recyclable rubbish into heat and electricity and become one of the cleanest and safest ERFs ever built.

EcoPark project stakeholders specified the need for lighting hoists across the new site to provide fast and easy access to industrial high-bay light fittings suspended at height. A lighting hoist safely fixes the suspended high bay light fitting to a ceiling structure, and is able to lower the asset for maintenance at ground level.

Unlocking Efficiency and Safety: The Power of Lifting Equipment in Recycle and Waste Management Centres – Penny Engineering
Unlocking Efficiency and Safety: The Power of Lifting Equipment in Recycle and Waste Management Centres – Penny Engineering

High Bay Lighting Winch Systems

Lighting hoists are available with a range of controls, including 100 metre range wireless remote control and IP67-rated hardwired control options. Operatives are able to lower any one of the 147 lighting fixtures to ground level for maintenance, within a couple of minutes.

EcoPark have 147 self-contained HD-20M dual wire lighting hoists installed at the premises, complete with ceiling mounted brackets and rectangular light mounting brackets. This lighting hoist range is suitable for self-installation or installation by Penny Engineering engineers.

Goods Lift Solutions

Our Goods Lifts products have provided lifting solutions for a variety of uses in waste recycling centres throughout the UK. From a bespoke MezzLight with 250kg maximum working load and a 1200mm x 1500mm usable platform size being used to transport new bins up to a mezzanine storage area to an full guarded BayLift, with 1000kg maximum working load, fitted externally unwanted household “bulky” items up onto a skip level gantry.

Loading Bay Lifts – Penny Engineering


Lifting equipment is the unsung hero of recycling and waste management centres. It enhances efficiency, ensures safety, reduces operating costs, and boosts sustainability. By investing in high-quality lifting equipment, these facilities can continue to be the backbone of a more sustainable future. Via our unique material handling solutions, Penny Engineering can lift the burden of waste management and elevate it to new heights of efficiency and environmental responsibility.