In industrial settings, the importance of appropriate lifting equipment cannot be overstated. Whether it’s lifting logs, clearing fly-tipped waste or loading pumps, having the right tools is crucial for efficiency and safety. However, there’s a growing concern about the environmental impact and overall safety of single use lifting accessories.

Ensuring both efficiency and safety in lifting operations hinges on selecting the appropriate crane and accessory combination. Often, the attachment of a load to a vehicle-mounted crane represents the critical juncture where safety can be compromised. While slings are commonly employed, it’s imperative to ascertain the weight being lifted and the maximum working load of the crane to source a suitable sling. White slings, primarily utilised for deliveries, are designated for single use only, may vary in load rating and typically possess a lower factor of safety.

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The Issue with Single-Use Lifting Accessories

Why move away from single-use lifting accessories like dumpy bags or flexible intermediate bulk containers to give them their full name? Beyond environmental considerations, there are practical and safety concerns at play. These bags come with varying maximum working loads and lower factors of safety, making them susceptible to wear and tear and posing hazards during lifting operations.

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Legal Implications and Safety Concerns

Legally, the use of single-use lifting equipment is fraught with complexities. Industries are bound by stringent regulations that mandate the provision of safe working conditions. Negligence in adhering to these standards can result in severe consequences, including legal penalties and reputational damage. Moreover, from a health and safety perspective, the use of substandard lifting accessories poses significant risks to workers and bystanders alike. Instances of equipment failure, accidents, and injuries underscore the urgency of adopting safer practices.

Environmental Impact

While the convenience of single use lifting accessories may seem appealing, their environmental footprint is undeniably higher than a correctly specified sling, chain or lifting tarp. Disposal of these items will normally be to landfill having a further negative impact on the environment.

The Penny Engineering Lifting Tarp: A Safe and Sustainable Alternative

A superior alternative to single-use dumpy bags, Penny Engineering offers robust and reusable Lifting Tarps. Engineered for multiple applications, our Lifting Tarps boasts a maximum working load of 1000 kgs, making it an ideal choice for various lifting applications, including tipping rubble, soil, grass cuttings, or clearing fly-tipped waste. Additionally, Penny Engineering also manufactures drum grabs and kerb grabs for these specific sectors and can design a bespoke accessory tailored to your needs.

Features and Benefits of Penny Engineering Lifting Tarps:

  • Maximum working load of 1000kg
  • Ideal for councils clearing up fly-tipped waste or landscape gardeners clearing small amounts of soil or rubble.
  • Compact, versatile, and simple to use alongside Penny Engineering Cranes
  • Multi-use and eco-friendly alternative to single-use lifting accessories such as white slings and dumpy bags
Lifting Tarps – Penny Engineering
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Adopt Sustainable Lifting Practices with Penny Engineering

The transition away from single-use lifting accessories not only aligns with sustainability objectives but also guarantees safer and more efficient operations. With Penny Engineering’ sustainable lifting solutions, industries can seamlessly embrace environmentally friendly practices without compromising performance.

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