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Penny Engineering supply lifting equipment to over 25 countries around the world. Interested in finding out more?

Why choose a mezzanine goods lift?

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Increase usable space – Make the most of the vertical space on your premises with a mezzanine floor complete with a goods lift.

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Easily move goods – Carrying objects upstairs can be tiresome and not everyone will be physically capable.

High Risk

Meet regulations – Stay in line with health and safety guidance by removing potential manual handling hazards.

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Save time – Manually moving heavy objects can take a long time. With a goods lift, you can move goods between floors in a matter of seconds.

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Avoid injury – Carrying heavy objects without proper training can lead to serious injuries. Take away the risk and improve safety with a mezzanine goods lift.

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Our range of mezzanine lifts

MezzLight – The MezzLight is our most lightweight mezzanine lift handling loads of up to 250kg between two or three floors. This simple and versatile mezzanine lift is recommended for a warehouse mezzanine floor, factory, store or workshop.

MezzProMezzPro mezzanine floor lifts are an opposed mast mechanism that enable users to move pallets, trolleys and/or roll-cages safely and efficiently to on-site storage areas. Mention 500kg lifting capacity.

MezzHD – The new, Heavy Duty MezzLift has been specially designed to handle loads up to an impressive 1000kg. Made to move goods between 2 or 3 floors, this robust mezzanine goods lift is perfect for warehouses, factories, stores and workshops with high demand.

Made to order

Each and every mezzanine lift is made to order in our on-site manufacturing facility. This means we can tailor a solution to meet your needs, creating bespoke mezzanine lifts that solve your unique problems. Plus, all of what we do is under one roof, allowing us to remain agile in our process, making changes as much or as little as needed and deliver it all in unrivalled lead times.

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UK manufacturer with a worldwide reach

We’re based in the heart of the UK, meaning your goods lift is backed by world-class British engineering. We can also complete a site survey and offer an installation and training service for customers based in the UK.

But that doesn’t mean we stop at the UK border. We work in over 25 countries so customers across the world can benefit from our bespoke lifting solutions.

Our Clients Include

Our Clients Include

Mezzanine floor goods lift FAQs

What is the lead time?


Our goods lifts typically have a lead time of 4–6 weeks from placing the order.

What information do you need from me to specify a goods lift?


To be able to specify a goods lift we need to know:

  • What you are wanting to lift
  • The size opening of the building
  • How everything is packaged
  • The floor-to-floor height of the lift space
  • How the lift will be loaded (i.e. wheeled or lifted on)
  • The required size and dimensions of the goods lift
  • Plans of the building, if possible

What are the site requirements for a mezzanine lift?


Before the project begins, one of our team will undertake a full site survey to determine the exact specification required.

What are the electrical requirements?


Standard mezzanine lifts require a 20Amp/240 Volt 50Hz single-phase electrical supply. This should be determined in a double pole switch.

If circuit breakers are employed in the system, then they must be able to cope with the surge of an electrical motor. Lifts can also be supplied as 415 Volt, 3 phase units where required.

How many floors can a mezzanine lift go?


Most of our standard mezzanine goods lifts operate to a maximum of two floors however,  We can offer goods lifts that are capable of travelling up to three floors.

What is the maximum floor to floor height for a mezzanine lift?


This depends upon site circumstances, duty, and model of lift.

A good rule of thumb is that it becomes more difficult to make a MezzLift over 4.0 metres and so standard prices will not apply.

What is the maximum weight?


Depending on what type of MezzLift you are looking for, the maximum weight can differ.

For example, a Heavy Duty MezzLift can lift a maximum of 1000kg, whereas a MezzLight can only lift a maximum of 250kg.

Regather Install a MezzLift to Aid Growth Throughout Pandemic

“From the initial enquiry to on-site construction through to training and handover, the service from Penny Engineering was fantastic. Special thanks to Umar Lodhi for his advice and design expertise, the build team for their respect of social distancing measures at this challenging time and especially the Directors for personally supporting a local, not-for-profit social enterprise. I would strongly recommend Penny Engineering any time. Thank you!” Gareth Roberts
Gareth Roberts View case study

Penny Engineering Provide Self Storage Company with a Lift

“Penny Engineering were honest and open with the questions that we had. They really made us feel really at ease. They were very efficient in getting the lift down here and showing us how it worked. We’re very, very happy and I would definitely recommend Penny Engineering”
Reece Aloysius, Operations Manager View case study

Warehouse Systems Ltd / Rockshop Wholesale

We’ve worked with Penny Engineering for a number of years on numerous projects. Like ourselves at WSL, they offer a full design, manufacturing and installation service – making their product agile for the customer. Working with Penny Engineering is always a pleasure, and we were glad that they could be involved in this project to provide the Rockshop with the complete solution from Mezzanine floor, to specialist shelving and a goods lift.
NICOLA CHARING – WSL View case study
Regather Install a MezzLift to Aid Growth Throughout Pandemic - Penny Engineering Ltd

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