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Working on-site or remotely, Penny Nuclear can create brand new concepts together from scratch, or model up existing environments from historical drawings or site surveys for a multitude of nuclear industries, including nuclear decommissioning, build, generating, and research. Usually starting at the high-level concept design phase, different ideas can be easily communicated and discussed, thereby streamlining the decision process and allowing the detailed design to commence early.

Bespoke Nuclear Design & Build – Penny Engineering Ltd
Nuclear Equipment and Services – Penny Engineering Ltd

Why Choose Penny Nuclear for Nuclear Design and Build?

Our software allows for other parties’ models to be incorporated into the designs, so you have the reassurance that all systems will interface correctly, thereby minimising project risk. Designs can then be progressed to manufacture, or high-quality renders or animations are produced which can be used for stakeholder management or marketing purposes.

Utilising Penny Nuclear for nuclear design and build services on a call-off basis means there is no requirement for the project to invest in expensive CAD software, and project costs are kept to a minimum as you only pay for the hours worked. Designs are kept securely behind our server’s firewall and backed up daily, so you have the certainty that nothing will be lost.

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LEEA Development Member

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ISO 14001:2015

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NDA Supply Chain Charter

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

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UVDB Qualified

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