Tried and Tested Nuclear Waste Package Handling & Storage Solutions

The majority of our nuclear waste handling equipment is off-the-shelf, giving you the reassurance that they are tried and tested within the industry, as well as offering both significant project cost and timescale benefits.

Some nuclear waste package handling items will be manufactured for use with industry-specific packages, thereby requiring a level of bespoke design. However, the same principles can be adopted across various packages, such as Ductile Cast Iron Containers (DCICs) or 3m3 boxes. Penny Nuclear has the experience of providing cost-effective and reliable solutions that will withstand the test of time, long after the packages have been sent for final disposal.

Nuclear Drum & Waste Package Handling – Penny Engineering Ltd

300 Tonne Nuclear Waste Drum Compactor

Working with Magnox Ltd, Penny Nuclear have developed a 300 Tonne nuclear waste drum compactor. Used to compact 210-litre drums of Fuel Element Debris (FED) prior to transport to long-term storage, the compactor allows for increased storage capacity, improving efficiency and reducing long-term storage costs.

Penny Nuclear Drum and Nuclear Waste Package Handling Solutions

  • Drum Grabs
  • Drum Stillages
  • Drum Tippers
  • Export Bogies
  • Export Cranes
  • Export Conveyors
Nuclear Drum & Waste Package Handling – Penny Engineering Ltd

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