Davit Cranes – Innovative and Efficient Portable Lifting Equipment

Designed with efficiency and portability in mind, our Davits here at Penny Engineering are extremely versatile, lightweight and compact – making them excellent for applications where portability is of the utmost importance to your business’s everyday proceedings.

Perfect for below-ground handling, our SwingLift DC500 is ideal for extended lifts up to 500kgs, featuring a maximum boom reach of up to 2020mm, whereas our SwingLift DC995 is better for heavy-duty loads, with a maximum working load of up to 995kg.

Davit Cranes – Penny Engineering

SwingLift DC500 - Penny Engineering Ltd

SwingLift DC500

IconMax Working Load 500 kg
IconBoom Reach Up to 2020 mm
IconCrane Weight Up to 45 kg
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SwingLift DC995 - Penny Engineering

SwingLift DC995

IconMax Working Load 995 kg
IconBoom Reach Upto 1900 mm
IconCrane Weight Up to 52 kg
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Achieve Exceptional Performance With a Penny Engineering Davit Crane

Penny Engineering Davit Cranes are the only type of Davit designed to work with our electric winch packs featuring built-in safety overload devices. The Davits are manufactured from quality high-strength aluminium, making them a very practical and lightweight piece of portable lifting equipment. For ease of use when working on remote sites, they can also be self-contained within one of our made-to-measure Penny Engineering carry bags.

Helping you to prevent the risk of injury through manual handling and working over deep wells below ground, our range of Davits is available to purchase directly from our online shop. Whether you need a Davit section, electric winch or carrying bags – Penny Engineering provides them all in our online shop.

Davit Cranes – Penny Engineering

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Benefits of Davit Cranes

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Versatility and Flexibility

Davit Cranes can be used for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications, making them suitable for various industries such as utilities, construction, marine, and more.

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Compact Design

Compact and lightweight, a Davit can be easily transported and installed – making them ideal for applications where mobility is required or space is limited.

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Ease of Use

Operating a Davit Crane is straightforward; coming with user-friendly controls and ergonomic features, ensuring ease of use for operators.

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Increased Safety

Penny Engineering’ Davits are engineered with safety features such as locking mechanisms, overload protection, and fail-safe systems to prevent accidents to protect personnel and equipment.

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Quick Setup and Dismantling

Davit Cranes are designed for quick setup and dismantling, enabling efficient deployment and relocation as needed; particularly advantageous where rapid mobilisation is crucial.

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Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With reliable and precise control, Davit Cranes contribute to increased efficiency and productivity; minimising manual handling, and downtime, and facilitate quicker and more precise load positioning.

International Partners

Penny Engineering’ manufacturing facility is based in the United Kingdom and can service the country’s entirety with our world-class and industry-defining network of service engineers.

As a premier supplier of lifting and manual handling solutions, we here at Penny Engineering proudly supply our innovative equipment to over 25 countries worldwide.

Davit Crane FAQs

What Is a Davit Crane?


Davits are compact pieces of portable lifting equipment designed to provide efficient and versatile lifting. They consist of a vertical mast or post, a rotating boom, and a hoist or winch mechanism. These cranes are commonly used in various industries, including utilities, construction, marine, and manufacturing.

How Do Davit Cranes Work?


A Davit operates on a simple mechanical principle. The vertical mast provides stability and support, while the rotating boom allows for horizontal movement. The hoist or winch mechanism is used to lift and lower loads and their 360-degree rotation capability enables easy manoeuvrability and precise positioning of the load.

What are the advantages of using a Davit Crane?


Davit Cranes offer several advantages, including versatility in handling different load capacities, compact design for easy transportation and installation, user-friendly controls, built-in safety features, and are cost-effective when compared to larger lifting systems.

Can a Davit Crane be used in confined spaces?


Davits are well-suited for working in confined spaces due to their compact design and can be easily manoeuvred into tight areas where larger lifting systems may not fit. This makes them suitable for areas with limited access.

What are the maintenance requirements for Davits?


Regular maintenance is important to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of a Davit. Maintenance tasks mainly involve routine inspection, checking and replacing worn components, and load testing.

Is a Davit Crane portable?


Yes, a Davit is designed to be portable, and is typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and install in different locations.

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