Regather Install a MezzLift to Aid Growth Throughout Pandemic

Gareth from Regather tells us how the MezzLift has been installed to help the company handle growth in the midst of a pandemic.

MezzLift Helps Self Storage Company To Grow Their Business Safely

Reece from Ryans Removals tells us about how the addition of a Penny Engineering MezzLift has helped to grow their self-storage business.

Bathams Brewery Goods Lift Case Study

For over 25 years, we’ve been working with Bathams Brewery to protect their staff and improve operational efficiency across their pubs and brewery 🍻

Penny Engineering Mezzanine Floor Goods Lifts (Mezz Lift) Animation

Penny Engineering has been manufacturing bespoke lifting solutions since 1978. We design, manufacture, install and service a wide range of goods lift solutions in the UK including custom design and custom built lifting equipment including mezzanine floor goods lifts for lifting single pallets and for a wide range of other different applications.

Sloping Cellar Lift

Vertical Cellar Lift


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