Installation Training: SwingLift ML500

SwingLift: Ultra-lightweight electric cranes for vans & pick-ups

Penny Engineering award-winning, ultra-lightweight electric cranes have been the go-to solution for van and pick-up installations and for a wide range of applications including utilities, deliveries and highways since 1982. But with new additions to the range and additional features throughout, now’s the time to rediscover the SwingLift.

How a PH hydraulic crane has helped this logging business to become more efficient!

Keith from KKL logging tells us about how his Penny Engineering PH180.3 has helped his logging business to be safer and more efficient.

Volkswagen Dropside Engineered to Go with PH110 Lifting Solution

The new VW ETG Dropside with Penny Engineering PH110 crane. This video demonstrates how to correctly use the crane and shows the unique integrated safety notifications.

LoadLift Hydraulic Loading Platforms for Vans

The Penny Engineering LL250 LoadLift is a unique product in the marketplace….it is so common to see tail lifts on pickups, but to see a hydraulically powdered lift on a van is extremely rare. LoadLift customers include Royal Mail, Siemens, Millers Vanguard and QI Van Systems. Thank you to our partner Wiegel for providing us with the video.

PH Crane Range Safety Systems

Safety is paramount when operating lifting equipment. Penny Engineering offer a range of safety systems to ensure safe use of our range of vehicle-mounted lifting equipment.

PH Crane Range Accessories

Accessorise your PH Crane to make the job easier and safer.

Instructional Video Commisioning Tests

SwingLift Crane Safety Instructions

How to Operate an ML SwingLift Crane

Follow this guide to safely operate a SwingLift vehicle mounted crane when lifting goods to and from a vehicle.

How to Operate a PH Series Hydraulic Truck-Mounted Crane

Follow this guide to safely operate a PH series hydraulic truck-mounted crane when lifting goods to and from a flatbed vehicle.

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