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The Ned Doha, Qatar

When Only the Best Will Do

Soho House & Co Inc’s latest addition to their portfolio, The Ned Doha, comes five years after the launch of the first The Ned concept in London. Inspired by Sir Edwin “Ned” Lutyens they are renowned for their impeccable standards and evoke 1930’s glamour. The Ned Doha required only the very best solution to ensure efficient, ongoing chandelier maintenance; forward-thinking as ever, Penny Engineering was more than happy to oblige.

Delivering the best in engineering for over 40 years, Penny Engineering’ award-winning lifting solutions are praised across the globe. Delivering solutions that guarantee efficiency, we were able to design and manufacture 10 completely bespoke lighting winch systems that encompassed all of The Ned Doha’s specific requirements.

Lighting Winch Solutions for The Ned Doha | Penny Engineering
Lighting Winch Solutions for The Ned Doha | Penny Engineering

At the Forefront of Innovation

Offering fully integrated solutions – all designed and manufactured in-house to ensure superior quality – we are trusted by a plethora of industries for our bespoke design solutions both UK-wide and internationally. Known for adapting our products to meet the needs of our clients, our winch systems were just the solution The Ned Doha required.

Designed to be installed in The Ned Doha’s brand-new multi-function room, a bespoke system with additional functionality and features was required. To meet the specific needs of the client, our team of design experts devised a synchronised raising and lowering winch solution that also allowed for independent control over each system. Alongside these unique requirements, the client also requested that their chandelier winch system be programmed to automatically stop at three pre-determined heights to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance, and to ensure their priceless luminaires are lowered at a safe pace to avoid breakage.

At the request of the client, we also fully integrated The Ned Doha’s new lighting winch system to be compatible with their forthcoming building management system; future-proofing their system to ensure a simple and straightforward implementation without the need for further maintenance or installation.

Reimagining Lighting Winch Solutions

Discrete, secure, and fully operational, our chandelier winch systems were integrated seamlessly into The Ned Doha’s multi-function room. Having fully designed and manufactured these completely bespoke systems from start to finish, we then packaged the completed systems in crates and arranged for them to be air freighted directly to The Ned Doha in Qatar.

Sold on a supply-only basis, and to be installed by an engineering team in Qatar, we provided fully comprehensive, and extremely detailed installation instructions to make sure our lighting winch systems were installed to the very highest quality, as well as offering ongoing support from our professional engineers. Now with its state-of-the-art raising and lowering winch systems, The Ned Doha have unrivalled access to its 10 luminaires; simplifying maintenance and increasing safety.

CE marked and fully compliant with all applicable regulations, our revolutionary raising and lowering systems are tested and certified to official LOLER regulations; ensuring your lifting equipment remains safe and stays compliant.

Lighting Winch Solutions for The Ned Doha | Penny Engineering

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