In the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, businesses continually adapt to changing market needs, expanding operations, and shifting logistical demands. Relocating a business is a significant undertaking that involves numerous logistical challenges, one of which is the handling and transportation of heavy machinery such as Goods Lifts.

With over 4 decades of direct experience and expertise, we here at Penny Engineering, we understand the challenges faced by businesses seeking efficient goods movement solutions in leased properties. Our range of Mezzanine Floor Lifts offer a transformative solution that eliminates the need for major building modifications, making them an ideal fit for leased premises.

Elevate Your Warehousing Operations with our Hassle-Free Goods Lifts: A Solution for Leased Premises – Penny Engineering

Understanding the MezzLift: A Relocatable Asset for Businesses on the Move

Our Mezzanine Floor Goods Lifts are uniquely modular in design for our trained engineers to swiftly dismantle and reinstalled. Designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained by our team of professionals at Penny Engineering, our goods lifts are particularly beneficial for businesses that foresee potential changes in their operating location; ensuring continuity in goods handling across different sites.

One of the primary concerns when leasing a warehouse or industrial space revolves around the potential costs and complexities of installing equipment that requires substantial structural modifications. Penny Engineering’ Goods Lifts are engineered to operate without the need for a lift pit, offering a host of benefits tailored for leased properties:

1. Structural Adaptability

  • No Lift Pit Requirement: Our Goods Lifts are self-supporting, eliminating the necessity for costly and time-consuming construction work to create a lift pit. This feature ensures minimal interference with the leased premises, preserving the property’s structural integrity.
  • No Building Alterations: Businesses can enjoy the advantages of a Goods Lift without undertaking extensive building alterations, where the lift is sat on the edge of a mezzanine, ensuring compliance with lease agreements and minimizing disruption to the property.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Elimination of Construction Costs: By bypassing the need for a lift pit, businesses save significantly on construction expenses, making our Goods Lifts a cost-effective investment for leased properties.
  • Reduced Lease Restrictions: The adaptability of our Goods Lifts allows businesses to enhance their operations without breaching lease agreements that limit structural modifications.

3. Operational Efficiency

  • Swift Installation: The self-supporting design streamlines the installation process, reducing downtime and allowing businesses to swiftly integrate the Goods Lift into their operations.
  • Seamless Relocation: Should the business relocate after the lease period, the Goods Lift’s self-supporting nature facilitates easy removal and reinstallation in the new premises, ensuring continued operational efficiency.
Elevate Your Warehousing Operations with our Hassle-Free Goods Lifts: A Solution for Leased Premises – Penny Engineering

Empowering Businesses for Success

Penny Engineering’ Goods Lifts offer a unique value proposition tailored for businesses leasing their premises. By eliminating the need for major structural modifications, these lifts empower businesses to:

  • Maximise Operational Potential: Seamlessly integrate efficient goods movement without compromising on lease terms.
  • Minimise Financial Overheads: Reduce upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs associated with structural alterations.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to adapt operations and relocate without being encumbered by fixed infrastructure.

The Process of Relocating a Goods Lift

Initial Assessment

A thorough evaluation of the current installation and the requirements of the new location is conducted.

Dismantling and Preparation

The lift is carefully dismantled, ensuring all components are safely prepared for transit.


The lift components are transported to the new site, adhering to safety and regulatory guidelines.

Installation at New Site

Upon arrival, the lift is reassembled and installed, with any adjustments made to suit the new environment.

Testing and Commissioning

The lift undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it operates safely and efficiently in its new setting.

Elevate Business Mobility With a Penny Engineering Goods Lift

In the dynamic landscape of warehousing and logistics, Penny Engineering’ Goods Lifts stand out as a versatile solution designed to meet the specific needs of businesses leasing their premises. The self-supporting design, devoid of a lift pit requirement, ensures a hassle-free installation process and underscores our commitment to providing innovative, adaptable, and cost-effective solutions.

Elevate your operational efficiency without constraints. Discover the transformative benefits of Penny Engineering’ Goods Lifts and embark on a journey towards seamless goods movement in leased premises, empowering your business to thrive without compromise.

For further guidance and information regarding our goods lift relocation and reinstallation services, contact our team of professionals today.

Elevate Your Warehousing Operations with our Hassle-Free Goods Lifts: A Solution for Leased Premises – Penny Engineering

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