A division of Penny Engineering Limited developed roughly 25 years ago, Penny Nuclear is a Tier 2 supplier of nuclear products to the nuclear industry. Fit 4 Nuclear accredited and offering a diverse range of nuclear products to suit a spectrum of applications, we here at Penny Nuclear take immense pride in the innovative products we provide to support all stages in both the nuclear site lifecycle and nuclear fuel cycle.

With 45 years of industry experience specialising in designing and manufacturing lifting equipment and manual handling solutions for the nuclear industry, innovation and consistent development is always at the forefront of our practices. To complement our unrivalled Nuclear Waste Retrieval solutions, we proudly offer lead-lined products to provide operator shielding; designed and manufactured in the UK for the highest possible quality and reliability.

Penny Nuclear: Creating Innovative Nuclear Shielding Solutions – Penny Engineering
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Nuclear Shielding Solutions Developed by Penny Nuclear

At Penny Nuclear, our many years of expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing shielding solutions means that we recognise the importance of reliable and effective shielding, which is why Penny Nuclear has developed a host of both mild steel and lead-lined Nuclear Shielding products, including Shielded Transfer Pots (STPs) and Shielded Overpacks; helping you protect your workforce and assets quickly and affordably. With a range of shielding products ranging in function and complexity, including manually-operated and powered equipment, Penny Nuclear aims to make shielding products simple and accessible to all nuclear industries.

Penny Nuclear Shielding Solutions Include…

  • Shielded Waste Packages
  • Lead-Lined Shielded Transfer Pots (STPs)
  • Mild-Steel Lined Transfer Pots
  • Shielded Overpacks
  • Shield Doors
  • Shield Walls
  • Hatches and Access Covers
  • Rotating Drum Shields
  • Shielded Walkways
  • Fire Doors
Penny Nuclear: Creating Innovative Nuclear Shielding Solutions – Penny Engineering
Penny Nuclear: Creating Innovative Nuclear Shielding Solutions – Penny Engineering

Why Choose Penny Nuclear for Nuclear Shielding Solutions?

Offering both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and modified off-the-shelf products (MOTS), shielding problems are quickly resolved with professional shielding products from Penny Nuclear. Having partnered with a range of notable industry figureheads over our many years of operation, including Magnox Ltd and Sellafield Ltd, we have been instrumental in providing a plethora of nuclear shielding products to the industry; from 25mm thick steel plates to 14-tonne, lead-lined 3m3 boxes, our extensive experience informs all we do.

Our Penny Nuclear Accreditations Include…

As industry experts designing and manufacturing nuclear products, we are also able to create fully bespoke nuclear products to suit even the most complex of nuclear challenges. From simple fixed or manually operated items, to fully automated hydraulically operated doors with fail-safe backup systems, The choice is yours, and our in-house designers are here to help.

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