Workshop Cranes –Safe Lifting Solutions for Workshops, factories and production areas

At Penny Engineering, we understand the unique challenges faced in workshop environments. That’s why our Workshop Cranes are designed to be versatile, easy to install, and robust, ensuring smooth operation and enhancing safety in close-quarters workspaces.

Ideal for tasks such as CNC loading, machine tool handling, and workbench operations, our MachineLoader 150 is perfect for loads up to 150kg, with a reach of up to 2.0 meters.

Workshop Cranes – Penny Engineering

Workshop Cranes from Penny Engineering

Maximise Efficiency with a Penny Engineering Workshop Crane

Our Workshop Cranes are designed with the end-user in mind, featuring easy installation and operation. With a standard 13-amp plug power and simple four bolt floor anchoring, setting up is hassle-free. Our cranes are made from high-grade materials, ensuring durability and a long service life.

Suitable for a variety of workshop tasks, from loading CNC machines to assisting in intricate assembly or maintenance work, our cranes offer an ergonomic and safe solution to manual handling challenges. Available for direct purchase or with full installation services, we cater to your specific needs.

Workshop Cranes – Penny Engineering

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Benefits of Workshop Cranes

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Quick and Simple Setup

Everything you need in one package. Designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance.

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Versatility and Precision

Suitable for diverse applications within the workshop, our cranes provide precise control for delicate and heavy loads alike.

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Space-Efficient Design

Our cranes occupy minimal floor space, making them ideal for workshops where space is at a premium.

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Ease of Use

Simple controls and ergonomic design ensure our cranes are user-friendly and reduce physical strain on operators.

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Enhanced Safety

Engineered with safety in mind, our Workshop Cranes feature secure lifting mechanisms and stable designs to ensure workplace safety.

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Boosted Productivity

With efficient load handling and reduced manual labour, our Workshop Cranes are a key component in enhancing workshop productivity.

International Partners

Based in the United Kingdom, Penny Engineering is proud to supply our top-of-the-line Workshop Cranes to clients both domestically and internationally, with a dedicated network of service engineers ensuring unmatched support and service.

As a leading provider of lifting solutions, we extend our innovative equipment to a global clientele, reinforcing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Workshop Cranes FAQs

What are Penny Engineering Workshop Cranes?


Penny Engineering Workshop Cranes are precision loading tools designed for use in workshops and factories. Our range includes the premier model, the MachineLoader 150, which exemplifies advanced workshop lifting technology.

How is the MachineLoader 150 powered?


Our Workshop Cranes, including the MachineLoader 150, feature a standard 13-amp plug power for easy operation. They are designed for simple four-bolt floor anchoring, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

What are the safety features of a Penny Engineering Workshop Crane?


Safety is a priority in the design of our Workshop Cranes. They feature over-load and over-run protection, hold-to-run controls plus secure stowage of the boom.

Can Workshop Cranes be used in limited space?


Yes, our Workshop Cranes have a space-efficient design, making them ideal for workshops where space is limited. They occupy minimal floor space without compromising on functionality.

What are the benefits of using Penny Engineering Workshop Cranes?


Our Workshop Cranes offer versatility, precision, enhanced safety, ease of use, and boosted productivity. They are designed for diverse applications and reduce physical strain on operators, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

Is training provided for the operation of Workshop Cranes?


For information on training and operational guidance, please contact us directly. We offer comprehensive support to ensure the safe and efficient use of our Workshop Cranes.

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