A division of the Penny Engineering Group, Penny Nuclear has been offering bespoke engineering services for over 25 years; designing, manufacturing, testing and inspecting our series of lifting equipment and mechanical handling systems to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Offering solutions for all aspects of the nuclear supply chain, including decommissioning, generating, new build sites, and research, our team of professionals are Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP), providing cost-effective nuclear solutions in extremely competitive lead times.

With a commitment to providing only the very best lifting and handling solutions available in the industry, Penny Nuclear entered the Fit For Nuclear programme back in 2015 to gain additional support to diversify and pursue new opportunities in an array of Nuclear sectors. Having been granted our official F4N status in 2018, Penny Nuclear is still proud to be an official Fit For Nuclear accredited supplier.

Raising to New Heights – Fit For Nuclear (F4N) – Penny Engineering

What is Fit For Nuclear (F4N)?

Developed by the Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) in collaboration with the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) and supported by top-tier partners, including new build developers and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), Fit For Nuclear is a UK-based programme designed to help companies in the nuclear supply chain prepare for and demonstrate their readiness to work in the nuclear industry.

The primary goal of the F4N program is to support companies that are interested in entering or expanding their presence in the nuclear sector. It provides a structured framework to assess a company’s capabilities and helps them identify and address any gaps or areas that need improvement in order to meet the rigorous standards and requirements of the nuclear industry.

The programme consists of a comprehensive assessment process that evaluates a business’s operational processes, quality management systems, essential health and safety practices, and other relevant key areas; helping companies understand the specific requirements, standards, and regulations necessary to be nuclear-ready.

Raising to New Heights – Fit For Nuclear (F4N) – Penny Engineering

Who Can Apply For Fit For Nuclear?

Typically targeting companies hoping to operate within the nuclear supply chain, including manufacturers, engineering firms, service providers, and contractors, the F4N programme is designed to support businesses of all calibres, from small and medium-sized enterprises to larger organisations, regardless of whether a company has nuclear experience or not; offering a structured framework to assess a business’s readiness and improve their nuclear capabilities.

How Do You Apply for Fit4Nuclear?

Although F4N is not considered to be a formal qualification, the status does indicate a business’s journey towards improving its nuclear services. Typically taking a few years to complete, there are a number of stages a company must undertake prior to receiving their accreditation, including the following…

  • Nuclear Capability Questionnaire
  • Business Excellence Self-Assessment
  • Site Verification Visit
  • Business Action-Plan
  • Nuclear Checklist
  • Pre-Grant Visit
  • Fit For Nuclear Grant & Ongoing Support

Penny Nuclear in Partnership with Fit For Nuclear

Now five years later, Penny Nuclear has been instrumental in assisting a number of nuclear businesses with practical and innovative mechanical handling systems to help support all aspects of the nuclear supply chain. Offering a bespoke series of nuclear products to meet a range of diverse needs and requirements, Penny Nuclear brings forth its unique expertise to every project we undertake. Some of the many nuclear solutions we offer include…


Nuclear Waste Package Handling Equipment

Nuclear Lifting Equipment & Attachments

Bespoke Nuclear Design & Build

Nuclear Retrieval Systems & Tooling

Nuclear Lead & Shielding Products

High-Quality Nuclear Fabrication

Raising to New Heights – Fit For Nuclear (F4N) – Penny Engineering

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